Innovation Consulting Services – Ideas that Ship

For those projects or initiatives that are beyond the scope of our Innovation Advisory Services (IAS), we offer Innovation Consulting Services (ICS) to resource key initiatives and deliver the results you need. We are experts in a wide range of industries and applications and use our vast network of experts to ensure you get the right team focused on a successful outcome.

Our Innovation Consulting Services help clients develop a wide array of capabilities to achieve market-leading products,  revenue and profitability growth. We have successfully helped many organizations develop new innovative businesses, products and services. We also help our clients build sustainable internal capabilities, ranging from innovation incubators to R&D centers that provide sustained, consistent results. Our experience in delivering innovation results is foundational to both improving core product and service innovation, as well as development of new paths to growth.

Innovation on Demand

Our Innovation Advisory Services offer our clients the advantage of having a retained,  experienced product innovation and development team at less than the cost of a single employee. We work to understand the business, technology, goals and needs you are facing and have a team of people ready to provide expertise and assistance across a wide array of innovation needs you have. From business strategy and a deep understand of the customer, to product development, advanced materials and manufacturing. We provide you with world class expert resources to solve your company’s toughest challenges.

Features of Innovation Advisory Services

  • Full-time expertise without full-time expense
  • A group that knows your business.
  • Our success is measured by impact, not hours
  • Business and technical experts across the full business and customer cycle
  • Designed for mid-market companies

Innovation Advisory Services

Elemence provides Innovation Advisory Services (IAS) to our small and mid-market clients on a retained or subscription basis. IAS allows key individuals at your company to access our teams’ wide range of expertise and experience related to the questions or initiatives you are considering. Whether you have a question about improving business strategy, materials used in manufacturing, breakthrough product innovation, information technology, supply chain or improving the customer experience, you will have a readily available trusted source to call. The objective is for Elemence to provide an extension of your organization and expert resources that understand your business and individual department needs.

Deep Expertise and Measurable Results

Using our Adaptive Innovation methods, we help you create, assess, evaluate and commercialize viable product, material and assembly innovations that are truly practical and deployable. With over $2.5 billion in products sold every year from our careers, you can count our experience to cooperatively grow or create your business, advance and apply your technology or improve your organization’s overall innovation system.

As our Innovation Consulting Services are typically engagements with clients where we have an on-going advisory relationship, we have the distinct advantage of understanding the business and can be up and running very quickly with the resources needed to assess and accelerate your innovation needs. Together we will help clients achieve their goals in a practical manner that minimizes risk.

Features of Innovation Consulting Services

  • Lightweight adaptive approach
  • Focused on ideas that ship and are profitable
  • Experience across a wide array of businesses and markets
  • Deep expertise in product development, marketing and manufacturing
  • A group that knows your business
  • Our success is measured by impact and ROI, not hours
  • Experienced business and technical expertise across the full business and customer cycle
  • Designed for mid-market companies


Having a good research team is indispensable to help explore, as well as validate, any innovation effort. Our Research Services deliver the related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions. From CMOs and senior Product Management leaders in corporations and government agencies to business leaders in manufacturing, high-tech enterprises and professional services firms, to venture capital and private equity, we are a valuable partner to clients. Through Elemence staff and our expert network of specialists, we work with every client to research, analyze and interpret the business of innovation within the context of their company. 

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