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A world-class team for less than the cost of a single employee


Strategic foresight and opportunities for your business

A Meaningful Life

As we open the New Year, 2017, I find myself both thankful yet yearning for more, especially more for my family, friends and colleagues. I’m blessed to have...

Adaptive Innovation : The Keys to Persistent, Revolutionary Breakthroughs

Thanks to a lifetime of friends, teachers, collaborators, suppliers and customers Breakthroughs. Transformations. Revolutions. From the light bulb to...

Adaptive Learning : The Upside of Outside…

The world today is more dynamic than ever. This tumultuous change not only can frighten, shock and force changes on dozens of levels, it also amazes,...

Bio-Based One Test : Does Green Make Green

I was recently asked to render some thoughts here....and I still find it amazing how despite all the good intention, the concept of fundamental economics...

Corporate Innovation Fantasy

Has anyone ever read Arie de Gues' 1997 book The Living Company? That seminal work coupled with Christensen's The Innovator's Dilemma says it all. Big...

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