Adaptive Innovation

Our agile methodology for fast-track innovation breakthroughs


From the light bulb to flight, from space travel to the iPhone, finding the key to delivering big breakthroughs practically, profitably and beneficially is not easy.  Creating great ideas, transforming our world for the better, delivering great products and services profitably and sustainably – all are great objectives we strive for now every day.  We search endlessly for how to efficiently, effectively and consistently advance our firm’s, institution’s or individual efforts towards achieving wide ranging goals on an on going basis. Most would agree that to do this in a world where accessible information is accumulating at an ever accelerating rate at an ever escalating scale, we need to manage our ability to develop new approaches and ideas much more effectively than ever before.

How can we do this?  We must find the keys to persistently, consistently innovating, and more than just as an exercise, a session or a calendared moment. The great innovators apply an adaptive approach to how they interact with the world and these expert resources, employing highly varied processes and tools that allow one to rapidly and uniquely turn these epiphanies into clear insights that allow for abstractly specified solutions – the actual innovations – that are the conception of eventual new products and services.

At Elemence we call this holistic approach Adaptive Innovation.

Innovation on Demand

Innovation is more often than not an accumulation of a lifetime’s experiences and thoughts, per Steven Johnson.  Innovation on demand can’t wait a lifetime.  Still, these types of breakthroughs are difficult to achieve alone and often require an approach that for most firms is so different from their current activities as to be distracting and thus difficult to effectively implement.  We see a strong need to be able to pull together a vast array of expertise, information, resources and capabilities on a constantly changing basis. Especially important to speed, efficiency and effectiveness will be the requirement that one have access to the best minds and capabilities on a just in time basis.

Most firms cannot afford to have such expertise on staff on the chance that they might need them one day or even one hour a year. Accordingly, to achieve innovation on demand where a complex combination of innovations and inventions are required to transform an industry means expert access to the right partners, experts and facilitators rapidly and for only as long as needed to be affordable.

Adaptive Innovation Methodology

  • Assessment – Appraisal of broad breakthrough potential
  • Insight – Elaborate proof of concepts for new opportunities
  • Innovation – Construct prototypes and a working solution
  • Invention – Create a final product or platform for implementation
  • Commercialization – Rapidly introduce the  new product to market

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