Larry Lewis

Larry Lewis

Fellow, Chemicals & Materials Science

Larry Lewis is an experienced World-Class Chemist with 108 issued US Patents. Over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles. Expert in silicones, silanes, phenols, inorganic and organic synthesis, material science, catalysis, scale-up, commercialization.

He has worked in industry since 1982 and received the Coolidge Award, the highest technical award from GE. In 2010 Larry received the Philippe Award given by the GE Company recognizing service to the community. 

Larry has worked in virtually all areas of chemistry including inorganic, materials, organic synthesis and chemical engineering. His work has resulted in numerous products, patents and publications and continues his hands on work experiments.

Larry is the author of, “Sadie’s Boys,” (Shires Press, Oct. 2017). “Sadie’s Boys” tells the story, through letters and official documents, of two poor Jewish soldiers from Brooklyn who fought for their country and of the mother who fought for her sons. Available at Amazon.