Dave Siegel

Dave Siegel

Consultant, Consumer Insights & Marketing

Dave Siegel is a consumer marketing, advertising and innovation pro with an uncanny ability to uncover deep consumer insights and, through superior marketing and innovation, helps firms capitalize upon those insights.  His experience encompasses virtually every consumer goods and services category including food, fashion, finance, leisure, tech and much, much more.

Among Dave’s many accomplishments is the founding of one of the world’s largest independent youth and mom-targeted advertising and innovation agencies and the authoring of three marketing texts including Innovation Myths and Mythstakes, a top 20 Business Week recommendation.

For Dave, a successful innovation concept must meet three criteria: (1) It must be based on a proven customer insight, (2) a confirmed solution to that insight, and (3) it must be easily marketable. His involvement ensures that a client’s innovation will meet all of these criteria.

Dave resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Jan.  He holds both a BBA and MBA in Marketing from Pace University, NY. and, if that’s not enough, he is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist 😉